Fucking a girl as beautiful as an angel on the first date

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The story goes that my job just got promoted. During elementary school, I was always harassed by my superiors, and when I returned home, my wife was defended. I feel tired of this stressful life. Until Mikami's consultant came to see us, a colleague referred me to get Mikami's work advice. And from then on we always kept in touch, sometimes going out to eat together. Our relationship didn't last long when he invited me to the hotel. I do not want to lie. I just want to have sex with you. Yo ngono kuwi omongane Yua. She agreed to be my wife, but would not interfere in my family and business matters. As far as I know, Yua is willing to listen to me and will definitely let me follow you at any time. Because my salary was not big and I wanted to do my best for Yua, I secretly took all of my husband's savings to buy Yua's necklace and take it to a restaurant. Until Yua is gone, I can't do anything anymore. friends said. online that Yua will marry a rich man. absurdity. Kok iso. I rushed to Yua's apartment, but she wasn't here.

Fucking a girl as beautiful as an angel on the first date
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 Actor: Yua Mikami